Our services

Forestry work:


  • Fire belts, firebreaks, prescribed burning, scrub clearing, tree pruning, clearing of woodland, forest management plans. 
  • Forest repopulation and planting. 
  • Pruning and felling of pines, palms and all kinds of trees.
  • Agricultural pruning.
  • All kinds of fencing / walling.
  • Sale of wooden posts.
  • Creation of recreational areas, outdoor furniture, benches, wooden gangways, waste paper bins, sand traps, hunting traps, etc. 
  • Landscaping.
  • Restoration of dune, forest and rural ecosystems, etc.
  • Creation and maintenance of gardens.
  • Design and assembly of irrigation systems.
  • Tree transplanting.
  • Clearing of building sites.
  • Plant health treatments (vegetable endotherapeutic techniques for pine processionary caterpillars. Red weevil, Paysandisia, etc.) 
  • Diagnoses and consultancy.
  • Environmental guarding and surveillance services. 
  • Work at height.
  • Removal of scrap and waste from forest areas.
  • Signposts and demarcation of paths and trails. 
  • Adaptation of routes for use by the blind and disabled.​
  • Wooden rails, protective fencing for viewing platforms.
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